Notary Bonds


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A Notary of Public is an individual who is legally certified to witness signatures and validate a document's authenticity. A notary bond is required and provides protection for the public against the Notary's errors and omissions.

We offer the following notary services:

  • Notary Bond with a $5,000 limit
  • Notary Errors and Omissions policy with a $10,000 limit

To become a Notary of Public for the State of Arizona, complete the following:

  1. Complete the state's notary public application online
  2. Email Notary Bond Application to Monica
  3. Wait for confirmation by Monica in order to pick up Bond
  4. Bring the following check to our agency, along with a Picture ID:
    • Check payable to ATP & Associates, LLC - in the amount of $50.00
  5. Contact Monica Schofield if you have any questions

Additional Arizona Resources

If you have any questions about your commission as a Notary Public, please call the Secretary of State's office in Phoenix at (800) 458-5842 or visit their website